Semiconductor OEM Case Study

High Tech Manufacturing has provided outsourced manufacturing services to a local Semiconductor Industry Customer for many years and has developed from a supplier who originally source only R&D parts to a full service supplier able to support follow on manufacturing of production parts as well.

“There is an efficiency gained when High Tech Manufacturing is able to develop a new manufacturing process during R&D manufacturing that can then be refined, improved, and repeated to produce the follow-on production of the parts previously produced during an R&D phase.”

In practice the R&D parts can be used for First Article Inspection (FAI) which qualifies High Tech Manufacturing to produce the part for future demand. This can eliminate a step in the long term sourcing of machined parts and helps to insure knowledge transfer from R&D to Production which can be a problem when using separate vendors for the different phases of manufacturing. Perhaps an even bigger benefit to the customer is the maximized speed in time to market.