Converting Storeroom, LLC Case Study

High Tech Manufacturing partners with industrial customers who have a strong need for replacement parts and who are frustrated with OEM sources. High Tech Manufacturing has supplied Converting Storeroom with affordable replacement machine and specialty parts for 10 years and enabled the successful startup of their business. Our alternate sourcing model has helped Converting Storeroom significantly reduce cost and lead times and we jointly develop inventory management strategies to proactively manage costs from year to year.


High Tech Manufacturing success in providing industry-leading machine spares & industrial solutions support services supported by…

On-demand Manufacturing – We pride ourselves on having the most reliable and responsive manufacturing capacity possible. By effectively mobilizing our resources, we have the unique ability to meet cost, delivery, and technical requirements.

Alternate Machine Parts Sourcing – By sourcing the manufacturing of replacement parts directly with HIGH TECH MANUFACTURING GROUP, both the lead times and prices of OEM parts can be reduced.

Optimized Machine Parts Performance – We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the machine parts that we manufacture. By altering basic part design or material specifications, we can often reduce the cost of manufacturing while extending part life.