Contract Manufacturing


High Tech Manufacturing has been machining and manufacturing metal and plastic machine parts to exacting customer specifications for over thirty years. For thirty years we have continually evolved and developed our manufacturing capabilities and internal operational processes by investing in machinery, education, and our clients.

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Engineering Services & Support


In addition to our precision manufacturing capability we can also partner with our customer’s in their design processes. By collaborating on product realization projects we help take your rough sketch or mechanical drawing through prototyping and first production runs eliminating excess and improving sustainability. During this process we maintain a strong focus on design for manufacturability and cost management.

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Expert CNC Machining & Capacity


We employ only the best specialists in the trade and continue to invest technologically advanced machining tools, ultimately giving our clients the cutting edge. We leverage current CAD/CAM to speed our programming and employ the latest tooling geometry and lean manufacturing principles to enhance high speed machining in a fraction of the time that other companies can produce the same products, all while keeping very tight tolerances and the best standards.  Our journeymen machinists have, on average, 25 years of machining experience in addition to being team players, helping you to have skilled machinists at your disposal.

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Materials Management


Our capabilities with regard to materials management are variable depending upon our customer’s needs. For the simplest projects, our materials management efforts starts with the most competitive and timely procurement of critical raw materials necessary for a project. For long-term customer relationships we can procure and hold materials, prepped and staged for production as well as hold and manage complete parts to ship just in time to your operation.  We have many strong relationships with specialty industrial finishing processes and can also manage a complete supply chain to insure delivery of complete parts that include those industrial finishes.

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