HP Model Shop Case Study

When the model shop at HP is inundated with a high demand for machine parts, they come to High Tech Manufacturing. Electronic drawings are transferred via an FTP web site directly to High Tech Manufacturing. The High Tech Manufacturing team immediately verifies if they can meet requirements in the specified timeline. Once confirmed, our on-demand project management engineers go to work by importing IGS files into CAD/CAM software. Within hours, a CNC work center is being setup to run the parts. With careful attention to detail HP’s quick turnaround, parts will be completed, inspected, and couriered to them the next day.


High Tech Manufacturing’s success in providing industry leading R&D support services is due to the following…

Closed Loop Quality Assurance – Our validation and verification processes are circular, which ensures customers are not left out of the loop and guarantees the continuous improvement of our processes. Our quality goal is to deliver parts 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Technology Savvy – Through the aggressive use of technology, we maximize internal and external communication between employees, vendors, and customers. This improves not only our effectiveness, but our operational speed and competitiveness.

Command and Control – Our information management systems are 100% integrated, which means we eliminate redundancy and use real-time and accurate data to make our business decisions and customer commitments.

“Your motto seems to be “the impossible done yesterday.” Time and again you have met critical requests with very challenging turn around times. Thanks for being apart of our team.”

Ron Ames, Senior Manufacturing Planner, Hewlett Packard Corporation