Responsible Business Practices

High Tech Manufacturing is committed to protecting human health and preserving the environment.  We take pride in operating our business in a manner that safeguards our employees, vendors and the community we live in.  In striving for responsible environmental, health & safety (EH&S) stewardship, we pledge to uphold the following principals:

1. Health & Safety

Employees and vendors shall have a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for safety and health. We will strive to anticipate and recognize health & safety risk factors associated with our business and implement appropriate measures to eliminate, control or minimize those risks.

2. Environmental Stewardship & Management:

  • We do our best to establish transparent and fair relationships with our vendors and suppliers
  • We promote EH&S awareness that fosters a caring culture among employees and vendors
  • We will make every effort to operate our facility in an environmentally-responsible manner that promotes pollution prevention, conservation of resources and recycling
  • We will make every effort to dispose of waste properly
  • We will consider the influence our operations have on the local environment and community and act responsibly

3. RoHS & REACH Compliance:

RoHS: Due to increased environmental concerns around the world, companies are now required to provide Lead (Pb) – Free or ‘green’ products.  HTMS is committed to support this requirement by providing customers with reliable, Lead (Pb) – Free products.

Download Certificate of Compliance_RoHS

REACH: HTMS supports the basic aim of REACH in improving the protection of human health and environment through the better and earlier identification of intrinsic properties of chemical substances. HTMS meets all applicable REACH requirements and is committed to providing our customers with information about substances in its products as required. 

4. Conflict Free Minerals (CFM)

HTMS supports the aims and humanitarian goals of the Dodd-Frank Act concerning Conflict Minerals by not sourcing or using product that contains identified Conflict Minerals.

Download CFM Policy Statement

5. Product Quality + ISO 9001

Although we are not 3rd party certified, we strive to align with ISO 9001 Standards in our operations.

6. Community

Our employees are proud to support our local community through charitable giving and volunteerism.