Materials Management Capabilities

Our capabilities with regard to materials management are variable depending upon our customer’s needs. For the simplest projects our materials management efforts start with the most competitive and timely procurement of critical raw materials and ends with outsourcing specialty industrial finishing processes.

For customers with recurring production part requirements materials management may involve a combination of negotiating with local distributors to stock unique raw materials, reserving dedicated manufacturing capacity, fixed pricing agreements, and or partnering to establish alternate machine parts sourcing through High Tech Manufacturing.

  • Alternate Machine Parts Sourcing
  • Identifying and sourcing critical materials (Materials substitute recommendation)
  • Management of industrial finishing processes (Anodizing, Chromate, Electro-polish, Passivation, Teflon Coating, Heat Treating, Powder Coating, Industrial Paint, Urethane, Oxide, Misc. Plating, Etc.)
  • Flexible business models (build to order / inventory / consignment / others)